Quietus - To the New World

An eerie, apocalyptic look at our planet thousands of years in the future. All life is extinct. Various remnants of our cities are still standing. Amidst all of this are two alien visitors who roam the planet, studying it, collecting samples, recording data.

Something cataclysmic must have happened to render the planet lifeless, and soon the aliens discover the cause – a gigantic crater the size of Texas. During the survey, a faint S.O.S signal is detected by the aliens, and they follow it to a massive underground chamber containing hundreds of pods. Within each pod is a human fetus, in perfect hibernation.

Apparently, knowing our planet would be rendered lifeless, we created the chamber with the hope that one day alien visitors would discover it. In the end, the aliens harvest the pods to their ships…and return to their planet to give human existence a re-birth.

Director/Writer: Richard Lowry

Producer: Pete Waterman

Director of Photography: Craig McCourry

Costume Design: Perry Ash

Visual Effects Design: Richard Lowry, Tor Lowry, Craig McCoury

Camera Assistant: Jim Morse Wardrobe: Karen Peak

Editor: Richard Lowry

Aliens: Jim Morse, Jim Daley, Brian Best, Eric Fagan, Paul Alessi, Ephraim Manabat, Eban Clark, Shawnee Smith

Special thanks to: James Peterson, Ted Rae

15 min. color rated PG all rights available

Copyright © 2012, LOWRY BROTHERS. All Rights Reserved.
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