Richard & Tor

Richard and Tor Lowry have been guerrilla filmmakers since the 1980s, when they made "Hawk Jones" as teenagers.  Two of their movies, 'Wicksboro Incident' and 'Hawk Jones', have developed a strong following on the internet.  

Their recent movie, 'Rapture', is their most ambitious effort.  'Rapture' was directed by Richard and produced by Kimber Eastwood.


One one of the most ambitious of their films, "Rapture" depicts the end of the world as  whole cities are being obliterated by an unknown force. 

 A group of strangers band together as they run for their lives trying to survive. All around them, however, the human population is being decimated. 

Produced by Kimber Eastwood, "Rapture" is one of the Lowry Bros. most anticipated of projects.

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Monarch of the Moon

In January of 2007,  'Monarch of the Moon' was released jointly by Dark Horse Indie Films and Image Entertainment.

Directed by Richard Lowry with Tor Lowry this time doing the special effects. Packaged together with 'Destination Mars,' the film has been labeled as a "must see" by many critics, and was one of Leonard Maltin's 2007 picks on his film review program, "Secret's Out," on the Reelz Channel.

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In 1994, Tor wrote a screenplay for 'Destination Mars,' a 1950's Sci-Fi spoof, that received rave reviews upon its release, from the likes of Leonard Maltin, who referred to it as the "best 1950's Sci-Fi spoof ever made." 

The renowned film critic, Harry Knowles enjoyed the film so much in 2001, that he kicked off his annual film festival in Austin, Texas, continuing an elaborate myth that had been created as a method of creating "hype" for the film. Later, he commented that the film was "the most talked about" of the festival.

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Richard and Tor made 'Hawk Jones' while they were still teenagers.  25 years later 'Hawk Jones' has developed a small following on the internet.  It was recently featured on two cable shows, one show naming it 'the fourth most sought after movie on VHS.'

Recently, a new version of 'Hawk Jones' has been released.  The print is better and the effects have been revamped.  

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wicksboro incident, lowry brothers, bobby harwell

In 1953 the entire town of Wicksboro, Texas vanished. Taking with it all 75 townspeople. All land records of Wicksboro, Texas have been altered. There is no longer any evidence that Wicksboro, Texas even existed. It was an event that was never publicized. The only ones who came forth were the relatives of the victims. They too dis...

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An eerie, apocalyptic look at our planet thousands of years in the future. All life is extinct. Various remnants of our cities are still standing. Amidst all of this are two alien visitors who roam the planet, studying it, collecting samples, recording data. Something cataclysmic must have happened to render the planet lifeless, and soon the aliens discover the cause – a gigantic crater the size of Texas. During the survey, a faint S.O.S signal is detected by the aliens, and they follow it to a massive underground chamber containing hundreds of pods. Within each pod is a human fetus, in perfect hibernation...

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'The Looking Glass' is about an attack that will ignite the most devastating world war our history has ever seen. Psychics, working for the government, have the ability to break down the series of events that lead to this catastrophe. They determine that the beginning of the chain can be traced to a small area of the United States.

Seven people, traveling in six vehicles, all arrive at an intersection at the same time, causing a 27 second delay in the path of the seventh car’s driver, a Chinese diplomat. He is the catalyst in our future history that will result in the next World War. An elaborate plan is then devised...

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Three months have passed since Jessica’s grisly murder, but for her husband Dan and his brother John, it hasn’t been long enough. Terror creeps into the lives of these two brothers and their families in the ghostly visions of Jessica.Frustration leads to madness as John is driven to near insanity by the haunting visions of Jessica’s past. 

Unable to continue, John seeks the help of his brother to unveil the truth behind the relentless haunting of Jessica. Forbidden sins and unexpected revelations fuel this supernatural thriller.

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